Sultans News · Senior Athletic Awards

It was Senior Awards Night tonight for the class of 2019.  Congratulations to the Santana Athletic department top Senior Athletes.

Tri-Sport Athletes:  Lettered in 3 or more Varsity Sports in the Senior Year!

Chaz Baker, Cody Butrovich, Angelina Hargrove, Jordyn Kemp, Ashley Madrigal, Colton Snipes, Aaliyah Stone, Taylor Stout, Lauren McKasson, Paige Bertussi, Annika Parks, Jamie Smith, Breanna Dunn, Cameron Wilson.

Scholar Athletes:  Top male and female athletes that got it done in the classroom as on the athletic field of play.

Female Scholar Athlete: Lauren McKasson- 4.846 GPA (Cheer, Comp Cheer, Gymnastics)

Male Scholar Athlete: Cody Butrovich- 4.69 GPA (Cross Country, Soccer, Track and Field)



Sportsmanship Award:  Award for displaying good character when participating in sports and in life in general.  It’s about respect for opponents, officials, teammates, coaches, and everyone around us.

Female Sportsmanship Award: Ashley Madrigal- (Cross Country, Soccer, and Softball)

Male Sportsmanship Award: Eric Kaszycki (Football, Track and Field)



Tri-Sport Athlete Standout:  Lettered in three or more Varsity Sports in Senior year.

Female Tri-Sport Standout Award: Angelina Hargrove (Cheer, Comp Cheer, Stunt Cheer, Track and Field)

Male Tri-Sport Award: Colton Snipes (Football, Soccer, Track and Field)





Female Athlete of the Year (Named in Honor of Mary Daniels):

Sara Wilson (Water Polo and Swim)



Male Athlete of the Year (Named in Honor of Britt Edmundson):

Brandon Simmons (Basketball and Volleyball)



Army Reserve Scholar Athletes: Presented by the U.S. Army

Female Standout: Elizabeth Schad (Volleyball and Lacrosse)

Male Standout: Brandon Glowacki (Baseball)


Marine Corps Award: Presented by the U.S. Marines

Female Standout: Abby Farr (Soccer)

Male Athlete: Sam Odenkirk (Water Polo and Soccer)